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there is too many little things in life, but it's the little things that count.

today was good. I WORKED out..which seemed like ages since i ran. Then did seem studying for chem. It was a hard core studying..but i got to understand some of the problems and fix my mistakes from my midterms and stuff..that was nice. I hung out with Aaron today..which was really cool. I had a pretty good time. It was easy and fun talking to him..omg he has a fraternal twin! haha thats awesome...and weird..but so far, he seems cool (minus the other stuff..lol). I met some of his fraternity brothers and they seem cool...we mostly talked and just chilled. I guess i needed that fresh air a bit.. But i think i might really like him...idk..i feel like he's so fun to talk to and he's so interesting..lol..and yes the bad stuff...he smokes and do weed..i wont surprise if he drinks...but he's not like an addict or anything..thank goodness..i mean he still have his priority and all..idk..but i really like being w/ him..but i cant judge since it has only been once. We went to OVT for banana wrap..but it was closed so we walked to Revelle and just chilled..it was nice..i was cold n stuff so he let me wore his jacket..it was sweet..we were just sitting on the fountain under the stars n just talking..omg..i was like smiling the whole time..haha i feel like a dork..but i havent felt like that for awhile..so it was nice...now Im tired and worn out but still got to study math! My goal is KNOW IT! lol..which seems unlikely but i gotta.

im still counting down the days til i go home. I CANT WAIT!

Aaron might come visit me..hahah. Then i can show him how COOL san jose is! lol

"If you hang on to the past, you die a little each day."- Unknown

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um got my Jasmine Milk Tea w/ pearls at Tapicoa Express yesterday..yumm but the taste wasnt the same. =/ o well..but at least i got my Cinnabon! yay!! went to a concert...i saw Daphne Loves Derby, Goodbye Tomorrow and Copeland. They werent that good. But i like the music. So yeah...omg..there's an asian lead singer in Daphne Loves Derby! holy moly! haha. that was funnie..and i saw him looking my way! *gasp*..yup..lol.but the thing is in the end..he saw me as just another girl..which is sad. o well..took my Writing Exam today. Please let me pass!! o yes. i met a boy. ahh n he's cute. XD lol. n i got his #. but he's cool to hang out. eek!
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another day without you...

I just got back from SJ recently. I was such a hectic. They broke my luggage so that was a drag. Hmm well i dont have any pic of the days i hung out w/ my cousin and friends. I have to wait for them to load it in to their computer...grr it's gonna take forever..lol..

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hope dangles on a string...

everything is slowly unravelling...i feel a little bit lighter than before...

sometimes, it is good to break down once in awhile

"Never forget what they did to you, but never let them know you remember"

"don't confuse the people who are always around
with the ones who are always there."

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