Diana (wrap_up_in_you) wrote,


things are going well..so far.

School is killing me but Im so surprised that Im not letting the bad grades getting to me. 
My social life is in good balance so far. lol.

everyone went home for the weekend..and I can't concentrate on math. I want to shower but there's a boy outside my room and I feel weird in a bathrobe and stuff walking by. lol.

Idk y im so afraid of being in a relationship. =/

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    nothing hurts more than when an old friend doesn't want to talk to you anymore and you dont know why.

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    To N, i think im over you. It's official. I went to your myspace and saw pics of u kissing your girlfriend andfor the first time..it doesnt hurt. I…

  • shucks

    midterms are killing me. i never study so much n feell ike im not learning anything.

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