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To N,

i think im over you. It's official. I went to your myspace and saw pics of u kissing your girlfriend andfor the first time..it doesnt hurt. I felt nothing...it felt weird but Im so happy bc i have Kevin now..i think i might want to be friends again..MAYBE. But honestly, i dont give a damn about you or anything you do. It's much easier if you are out of my life. But i'll give it a try.

last night F was telling about all the things K said about me to her..it was so sweet. He said that he cant stop thinking about me and everything. haha.

yeah i really hope this works out.


things are going well..so far.

School is killing me but Im so surprised that Im not letting the bad grades getting to me. 
My social life is in good balance so far. lol.

everyone went home for the weekend..and I can't concentrate on math. I want to shower but there's a boy outside my room and I feel weird in a bathrobe and stuff walking by. lol.

Idk y im so afraid of being in a relationship. =/

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you gotta run away ..
so you can see who will run after you
you gotta talk quieter
just to see who`s listening
you gotta step up in a fight
just to see who`s standing by your side
you gotta make a wrong decision
only to see who`s there to help you fix it
you gotta let go of the one you love
just to see if they love you enough to come back to you ..

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oh gosh. somebody hide the bagel and cream cheese from me! I cant stop eating it! >_<

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i have a crush on a GIRL! i saw her at the mall yesterday. We were on the xcountry team together n she's so hot! lol. ahh! And she's still hot! lol. dam. I wish we could be like good friends or smt. lol. or same age! grr. lol...but then i know i'll never get her bc i think she's straight n stuff. *tears* I wish i was pretty. i looked through her pics on myspace and gosh...she's so hot n pretty. Ahh i never felt this way! haha. i feel so childish. plus i found out i passed math w/ a C-..BARELY. but its good enough for me bc i passed chem with a B!! omg! thats crazy i thought I would get a C or something. Omg..my wish on the shooting star did come true. Im so thankful!
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